Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just Me

Well, here I am in all my glory, every inch and every pound of me. However, I have taken some positive steps this past week to get better and lighter.

I made a chocolate Zucchini cake that my family loves and substituted a portion of the white flour with wheat flour and no one noticed, so next time I will add a little more.

I have been eating out of a 3 sectioned plate and filling the largest portion with salad. I stop at one helping now and make sure those helpings aren't heaping.

I have replaced regular Cool Whip with Lite for tonight's Watergate Salad and when I used Lite Cool Whip earlier in the week, no one noticed.

I am taking a daily multi-vitamin something I have struggled with forever because they make me extremely nauseous and dizzy for some reason. However, I found that if I take them with Grapefruit Juice, they don't have the same effect on me.

I am working out 5 days a week for an hour with a friend and on my own, I am using my treadmill to do a walk/run for 20 minutes.

I am not calling this a DIEt, but a lifestyle change. Now is the perfect time of the year to start, the fresh fruits and produce are coming out slowly in our marketing area and an ice cold piece of watermelon excites me more than Ben and Jerry's.

The sun has been out for 2 days now and around here, that just might be a record as of late.

I have set a goal and made a deal with myself that if I reach my first goal (a loss of 12 pounds). I will toss out my horribly ancient, ugly and gross looking work out gray sweat pant crop pants and top and replace them with a brighter more colorful set.

So, wish me luck and hopefully, with all I have this week going on I can keep on the right track!


John said...

Good luck, I know you can do it!!

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

woo hoo.... the first steps are the hardest and it sounds like you are sailing thru them. Keep going cuz I KNOW you can do it.

Amy said...

You can do it! When I wanted to lose some weight, I ate lowfat cottage cheese,boneless,skinless chicken breast,salad and ate fruit and veggies instead of cake and ice cream. fruit smoothies are good also.ya can use fresh or frozen,most of all no sugar at all except the natural fruit sugar.The best thing your are doing is portion control. I know I eat way too much.keep up the good work!

Scrappy quilter said...

Cheering you on friend. I know you can do it with determination and the willpower and prayer behind you, you'll make it. Hugs

Patty said...

Good for you Jean, I know you can do it.