Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Did I Miss You? I Hope Not!

I have been working from home the past few days for a company called Working Solutions and it has just given me a taste for being in a communications center again. For one thing, people are angry and I still have the knack to calm them down and many yesterday told me how soothing my voice was and how professional I behaved and that is why they settled down!

I have to admit, it makes waiting for that phone call for the center I want to work from a bit more pins and needles, but I am confident that God will provide a job for me with benefits. However, Working Solutions is an amazing company to work for, they do training, meetings and there is always someone there to answer your questions.

So, if my posts seem a bit shorter that is the reason!

Last night after dinner and work and bible study, I got on line and really went through some of the blogs I follow and hopefully I landed on yours and left a comment. I know how much I appreciate comments and I do my best to try to reach out to all of you at least once a week.

So, if you know I am a follower of yours and I missed you, give me a shout out and I will stop by and visit!

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