Thursday, April 28, 2011

Family Needs Help...Lost Everything in Tornado

My friends, this is a real activation from 911 Cares, an organization that helps take care of emergency telecommunications operators (911 operators). These are the men and women that are on the other end of those phones when you need help. These are the men and women who many times during these storms are working and staying on the job while worrying and wondering about their own families.

You are fantastic. Many of you have given to Quiltersnewsletter magazine for quilts for Japan and I know many of you are going through tough times as we are ourselves. It is difficult to give something to someone or spend money for a stranger when gas is up and over $4 a gallon, but this family needs you, me...needs us!

I am posting the activation from 911 Cares:

Marathon County (WI) Needs Update

Becky and Greg Schneider have 2 children, a daughter Alyssa who is almost 2, and a son Spencer who is 9. The adults were able to salvage enough clothing to get them through but Alyssa is wearing 24 months and Spencer wears boys size 12 pants and XL (14/16) Boys shirts. All the bedding was lost for Spencer who sleeps in a twin size bed and prefers solid colors (no characters). What they have been able to find and salvage (blankets, adult clothing, towels, etc) has been in need of laundering so they could use laundry supplies. Everything for the kitchen was lost, so they will eventually need to replace dishes, glasses, silverware, pots/pans, etc but at this time due to temporary living arrangements they have no place to store these items therefore gift cards to Walmart, Target, Menards, Home Depot would also be appreciated for future purchases.

It’s very heartwarming to know that in these troubled times there are so many who care!!

Debra K. Waldhart
Communications Supervisor
Marathon County Sheriff's Dept.
500 Forest St.
Wausau, WI 54403

Perhaps doing a shoe box for this family and fill with things they may need. How about one of my wonderful quilting readers make mom a really nice bag and fill it with things us women need. I know there will be more and I also know from experience that everything matters now.

Fill a shoe box with toothbrushes, toothpaste, travel sized wipes, Qtips, cotton balls, whatever will fit and send it off.
You don't need to let me know what you are sending, but get your church involved, your scout troop etc. Lets reach out and help!


Kristin Bridgman said...

What about asking your church for donations. That is what I do and they just pour in. I also have gone to all the hotels in town and ask for their old blankets. They change them out every couple of months and are always in great shape. And they are always a solid color :)

Quiltingranny said...

Awesome idea Kristin, but without a 5013C form, locals here won't help because of possible scams. I am sure a member of our extended 911 family will reach out and help this family. I appreciate the info and will keep it for another time!