Thursday, April 28, 2011

Photo Challege Day #24 -Something I Wish I Could Change

On Easter Sunday driving to Easter Dinner/Lunch the conversation was about how I wish I were different, how I could see people in need and turn my back more often, because so many times I just get caught up in wanting to help others even though I have no real job, no money, but somehow God always seems to bless me to continue .

Sometimes I wish I could change my circumstances....have better decorating skills (my home decorating style stinks!), be able to take my grands on a trip even if for a week-end, be a better wife, better friend and grandmother, have a better home....yada, yada, yada.

Then reality hit and John tells me if I were different, we wouldn't still be friends, it is who I am that he loves and it is who I am really in spite of my own short comings that God made me to be.

I wish I could change others complacency at times, but I can't. With that said, I hope this video touches everyone the way it touched me and perhaps it will cause all of us to just change to become a bit kinder today and share what we have with someone else.

I finish my quilt for Japan today, it goes in the mail tomorrow and I am sure, when I check my 911 Cares, there will be a call to help people in the ravaged Tornado states. I can help, I can change me and only me. God can change me and He can change you if you want Him to.

Thank you to all my generous readers who donate to my giveaways, who support my charity giving by donating to me fabric, sewing machines, rulers, etc. I am blessed and my prayer for you today is you find peace and beauty in all that surrounds you and you remember a smile sometimes is all you need to give.

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