Saturday, April 9, 2011

This Week-End, We Are Grandparents Again

Wow! I bet you are saying, I didn't know Ranny was going to be a grandmother again, she didn't say anything about expecting & you would be right on the nose. We didn't have another grandchild, but we were blessed to be visited by our oldest sons 2 daughters that we haven't seen in years due to issues that I won't bring about...we have been blessed to be able to see them again.

I picked them up yesterday and we went to Costco...they had never even been in Costco, which surprised me and maybe bothered me a bit that they have a set of grandparents who do live very close to them, can see them any time, can take them anywhere (they have the financial comforts we don't) & they have never once picked them up to take them to Costco for a hot dog? Matter of fact, they were pretty surprised people bought so much food at one time. Never had a hot dog from Costco? Wow! They were quick to tell me they have been in WalMart before.

We went to JoAnn Fabrics and they helped me pick out the fabric for my swap partners apron and I think that they did a great job.

Last night, we had 5 pizza's for dinner (with 5 kids in the house, what else would someone fix for dinner?) They ate and ate and said they don't usually get pizza, but they save all the peanut butter they get from the food bank and they love peanut butter! Then, my hubs brought them all home individual ice creams & they loved those.

The 3 grands that live with us have all been having so much fun playing with their cousins and I sorted through pictures of their daddy when he was younger and gave them some pictures, they never knew he wore glasses, now they have proof he did!

We will drive to Olympia tomorrow where I will drop them off with their mom and they will tell her about their time here and we will go home and the house will only have 3 grands all of whom are loved and cherished, but sadly, get treated more like our own children because while there is no doubt they are spoiled rotten and love to pieces, there is homework to do, music lessons to go to, chores to do, books to read, scouts to attend, 3AM hospital visits, days off for sick kids.....they are more like our own children and we just can't let them get by with as much!

I hear grandparents talk about having their grand kids visit and how wonderful it was and how exhausted they were and will now need an entire week to recover and I think for a New York second, what would that be like? To be able to spoil them and let their parents have them back and rest for a week? Then I think of how blessed we are all to have these 3 angels in our life!

But tomorrow, when they go home, I think we will all rest!

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Scrappy quilter said...

You are indeed blessed. Hugs