Friday, April 29, 2011

Working From Home....

I have been blessed to have a work at home job that just began this week. My first paycheck will be more than what my unemployment checks have been, however there are some things you may want to know about working from home.

For one thing, with gas just under $4 per gallon her on the coast of Washington, driving back and forth to a job 20 miles each way for $12.50 an hour, is really not an option since my hours were not guaranteed. So, if I worked the minimum of 24 hours per week, by the time I paid taxes, gas, daycare, lunches, it isn't worth the drive.

However, sitting at home, I have been able to have a pretty sweet schedule and keep my family happy by following some of these rules:

1- Though it is work at home, act like you are going to an actual office. I get up in the mornings, make my bed, get the kids ready for school, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, comb my hair and get dressed. I then go to the gym M-F and work out. Come home, have lunch, do some laundry and log into work. For the next 4-5 hours, I am wearing a headset and helping others.
2- Post a note on your door...please do not knock or ring the bell, work at home in progress.
3- Anyone who may need to contact me in case of an emergency has my cell phone, I place it on my desk on silent and vibrate so I can see if a call comes in. Everyone has been told not to call me between certain hours.
4-Turn off the TV. I have a radio in the background very low to give the impression of worki!ng away from home.
5-If you are scheduled to be logged in and ready to go at a certain time, be there on time.
6-Take a regularly scheduled day off (I don't work Sundays)
7-Talk to a CPA or tax consultant as you will have to pay taxes and better to pay as you go then wait until the end of the year.
8-Get OUT of your pajamas!
9-If you have a pet, place them in a pen, pet carrier or another room, it isn't professional to have your dog barking on the telephone.
10-Smile, you are doing something many others want to do!

You have to be disciplined! Be good to yourself. I have discovered this week, I can't work 5 hours non-stop so for next weeks schedule, I will schedule 15 minute breaks every hour. I have to have a rubberized donut on my chair or my rear hurts, I have to have a short foot stool under my desk and I have to have lotion to keep my knees from aching.

**Most importantly, a legitimate work from home company will never charge you to find you work. I am out the cost of a second phone line, headset and compatible telephone and that is all, paying for fee's, background checks, etc. tells me the company will be happy to take my money and not put me to work!**


Brenda said...

you go Ranny! so happy for you

Quiltingranny said...

Thanks Brenda and I am getting so much more done this way!

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

I love the days I work from home but after doing it WAY too much with mom here, I LOVE being in the office. Mom is in rehab now so with gas at 4.15 here I am looking forward to working from home more when mom gets home. hahahhahaha I agree with your tips even tho I don't always follow them.