Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 25 -A Picture of My Favorite Day

How do you choose just one picture of a favorite day in your life? I mean, my wedding day, births of my children, all 3 of my college graduations, the day I moved to Washington state, the day I picked my best friend up at the airport, the births of grandchildren.

I chose a picture of my most recent favorite day and it would have to be Easter Sunday where we were invited to spend Easter with my sons ex-in-laws and 5 of my 11 grandchildren were there.

Now, I am thinking if they get remarried, he will have to have his brother in the wedding and that will bring up 2 more of my grandchildren and then his 2 oldest children and a step-grandchild and it would be perfect!

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Charity said...

Your family is huge! What a blessing!