Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 30 -Last Day- Someone I Miss

My mom and dad. My mom passed away in February 2010 of breast cancer. She was amazingly brave in the end and always told me how much she loved me. I miss her everyday and wish she were back so I could make up some really rotten things I did growing up....well, maybe she chalked it up to being a kid, but I miss my mom!

My dad passed away from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) Mothers day 2010. It has been odd because my parents divorced when I was 6....I saw my dad 3 times between 6 & 50, I really never knew him....and yet, I feel like an orphan many times.

I couldn't attend his funeral, we didn't have the money and I guess perhaps it was good I didn't as his obituary didn't mention any of his 4 children, just his 2 youngest children, however, I still find myself wondering who he was at times.

I am the tall skinny chick modeling the crop top years before they were called crop tops. My brother is the handsome tyke standing next to me and my sister Kate is the one in my moms arm.

The 30 day photo challenge is over and I hope I shared a bit more of myself with you and you enjoyed a look at my life!


Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

Love the pic. I lived with my dad for 20+ years and still wonder if I knew him. I got to know more about him the last week of his life when he was in my home....

Jenn said...

Love the picture! So precious. You've definitely had your share of hardships. I bet your momma knows you loved her...being a kid and all!;)