Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Keeping Busy #4 Completed

I finished quilt top #4 with a binding for a little girl, it has a green back ground with white, orange, blue, green and pink daisies and dots. I took it with me yesterday while the three grands went to the dentist and finished it up last night watching the Deadliest Catch.

If it looks familiar, it should. I received 2 of these and the first one I placed a beautiful gold binding on so it could be for a boy or girl. I only have 2 left to complete and if I can pick up some flannel or fleece for the backs of these, I will have them done hopefully by Saturday, but Monday at the latest.

They will be on their way to Alabama next week!

After this, I hope everyone understands I need to take a break to complete a quilt for my granddaughter I have been working on now for over a year. I don't want her to ever think she comes after my other projects. Hers is a biscuit quilt and I work on it here and there, but next week, I at least hope to get the top completed.

I will never stop making charity quilts, it is a blessing that I can be to others and that is what God created all of us for, to go out and be blessings with what He has given us in the area of time, talents and treasures and we all have some time and I know lots of talents. It is how we use that time that makes a difference.

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Scrappy quilter said...

Your beautiful granddaughter should come first and I do hope everyone understands that. You've done so well. May He pour out His blessing on you. Hugs