Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Males In My Life....

I am blessed to have so many males in my life and if I weren't life wouldn't be so great as I have always been one to gravitate towards having men friends.

I know many of you who are Christians would be telling me that isn't Christ like, you shouldn't have male friends, only your husband, be careful, save yourself from eternal pain....etc. Trust me, I have heard it all!

Simply put, I don't like people who play games and many women even in adulthood not only still do, they appall me when they tell their daughters to!

Women who say they are your friends and then when things don't go their way, they do everything they can to attack you and your family.

But this post isn't going to drift off int
o that arena this morning, it is going to say how happy I have been the past few days to have the men in my life help me with the finishing touches on my last 2 baby quilts for Alabama.

My friend John who lovingly allowed me to drag him to JoAnn's fabric when I was in his area job testing on Thursday. After the test, I went and crashed at his house and when he got off work, we headed out to do some shopping. I am bad, terrible, awful at picking fabrics that match, so he helped me pick these 2 for the final 2 backs of the baby quilts I am sending to Alabama.

Then, we had a wonderful dinner and retired back to his place, where we talked and I just got to relax on the couch and read a book I have been engrossed in for the past several weeks. I stayed at his place that night because the drive between our home and where I had to test, is to much for me to make there and back in one day. Though next week, I will have to do this!

I just love the blue batik flannel he picked
out and I mean it drew him in right away. It is so much brighter and colorful in person and it is soft and I found the colors to be soothing like the ocean.

Last night I was pinning the two quilts and was pleasantly surprised to have my hubby walk into the room and as I was pinning, he began to smooth and straighten one of the quilts with me.

Now, if anyone knows my husband and knows how much he claims to dislike my quilting, you would know this small, simple gesture on his part was H U G E in my eyes.

I thanked him and asked if he would like to help me pin it since he was doing such an excellent job. Well, maybe next time. He looked up and laughed and said, 'oh no you don't, you aren't sucking me into this.' I told him men quilters were great, fantastic, creative, but he was just laughing at me.

These two men in my life have seen my ugliest side, listened to my tears, held me when I needed holding, kicked me when I needed kicking (METAPHOR PEOPLE, JUST A METAPHOR!), let me cry when I need to cry, scream when I need to scream. They have been in my life for over 30 years and they still love me in spite of myself and they show that love when they do many of the wonderful little things they do that make me smile and yes, at times cry with happiness.

Everyone needs their husbands in their life and in my strong opinion, a really great, strong, wonderful male friend that knows you and still loves you with all your flaws and craziness! I am blessed to have both!

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