Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Am Featured Today on Frugal & Focused

Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord, for your many blessings I have incurred not only in my life time, but recently, I am seeing an out pouring of blessings from heaven. Amen!

How many times do we recognize God's blessing in our life? I do my best to know the extraordinary is God, not me and not man. Here is a recent list:
  1. My grandson's first place story about living with grandparents
  2. The trip my grandson won for our entire family
  3. Quilt tops someone blessed me with
  4. Quilt fabric someone blessed me with
  5. Passing not 1, but 2 law enforcement dispatch tests recently
  6. People unexpectedly wanted to buy my recycle denim grocery bags
  7. Working from home with a legitimate company with pay
  8. Having Christian women pray for my family
  9. Paying off another bill
  10. Being featured on someone else's blog**
**Being featured on someone else's blog may not sound like a blessing, but when you go over to Janet's blog Frugal & Focused: faith, family, frugality and fotography like I just did and read what she said about this blog, I am humbled!

Janet's blog is amazing, so having someone with a blog that size recognize this blog and be able to see the qualities that I try to put forward of my faith, family and service to others, is just amazing. I always wonder if people sometimes understand what I am trying to say, what this blog is about and I can say undoubtedly, Janet understands it.

Please, go by and visit Janet's blog, there is so much information and she shares some wonderful tips on cooking, frugal living, faith and it is just warm and inviting. Stop by, follow her, grab her button and tell her you came via this blog. You will have found another friend!

Frugal & Focused


Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

Woo Hoo that is awesome... we all have to brag about each others wonderful blogs.... spreading the word.... Soo happy for you. Congrats...

Scrappy quilter said...

How cool is that. Congrats!! Hugs

Quiltingranny said...

Thanks Kim. It was just an amazing blessing to me. I realize some people aren't Christians, but I am and I love my family, so I try to incorporate a bit of my life in my blog, it was just wonderful to see Janet caught my blog just as it is meant to be!