Monday, May 16, 2011

Quilted Blessings

I have been immensely blessed this week by Linda once again over at Abbi Mays Quilt shop. I wrote and asked Linda if she would put together some fabrics for me that matched so I could complete a quilt for a family who lost everything in a tornado. I am horrible and getting matching fabrics.

Here is the package Linda put together for me complete with binding and backing and it is so beautiful. It is the Moda Birdie fabric collection and it is gorgeous and I can't wait to see the quilt completed and show pictures of it. This one is definitely going to have to be long arm quilted!

Abbi Mays
Has always been a huge blessing to this blog and to me. Linda never thinks twice to donate wonderful packages for blog giveaways and their customer service is exceptional. The last giveaway we had was courtesy of Abbi Mays
and it generated lots of attention.

If you live in an area like I do where quilt shops are over an hour away, you really need to check out Abbi Mays on line quilt shop. Linda is amazing at figuring out what you want and quickly mails it off to you.
I can't think of another shop I would want to do business with, she is simply the best!

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over, tell Linda I sent you, browse through the shop and make sure you bookmark her for future purchases. Abbi Mays, won't let you down!

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Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

I soooooo love Moda.. As a matter of fact I have 2 different quilts to make in Moda's that I picked.....