Sunday, June 12, 2011

Amazing Quaility Piano Rolls...

With the knock on our door by our older neighbors son and son-in-law today, our piano is complete and we are ecstatic! What am I talking about? Huh? We don't get it?? Our granddaughters piano happens to be a very old (non-electric), pedal pushing player piano & today, we were delivered 42 rolls of piano songs!

Here are the boxes of boxes and all are in the most amazing shape for having been stored in a basement that I have ever seen...they aren't even dusty!

They have so many songs that I have never heard of and lots of them are old songs in Polish, German and Austrian. Waltzes and Polkas and one step dances!

Our promise was to the neighbors if we can get this up and running and repaired, we will have a wonderful concert and they will be invited and be the first guests to listen to it play.

After all, this was their mom and dad's piano and they have many fond years of being around it. So it would only be the best thing to do by allowing them to come and smile and remember!

Here is what they look like out of the box. Very delicate paper, so I didn't dare unroll one of them for fear it would rip and I would be devastated.

This piano has turned into an amazing gift! Albeit, a gift with lots of work involved, but it is played morning, noon & nig
ht, there is always someone on it, the kids, hubby or I and we don't even know how to play.

Here is what they look like on the roll as when we received the piano, it had one on it already. It will be amazing if we can find someone to do the repairs and can get this up and running for us! In the meantime, I put a video here so you can here what perhaps the Beer Barrel Polka might sound like someday on this when played!

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