Monday, June 6, 2011


If God can make perfect babies and beautiful beaches and oceans, why is it that we as people (humans) have so much difficulty believing He can do what we need Him to do? Why is it when we give something to Him and it isn't quite moving our way, we get scared and try to change the course of our direction?

Why is it when He sends people in our lives to speak His word into us, we can't see what others see in ourselves? Or when we see something special in ourselves, it seems to be hidden from others? I do not mean like people who are conceited or into themselves, but I mean inward qualities?

When we are so mired down in our own pain and anguish, isn't this when God picks us up and carries us and holds us in His arms. Doesn't He tell us He loves us more than the flowers in the field?

I am just amused that I can't see this all the time. I know this, my heart knows this, I encourage others with this and yet, I worry about everything that comes my way.

So, I am bemused that I can see the beauty around me that God has created and yet.......I can't seem to understand He will take care of me, if I just let go of the control!

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