Sunday, June 5, 2011

Never Underestimate The Small Things....

The above picture has absolutely nothing to do with today's post with the exception that I just think she is the cutest thing when she is laughing and I decided to post it because today's post is about small things.

We all know that a smile is the greatest gift we can give away and we never know when we give it away to someone how much that smile meant to them at particular moment unless they track us down and let us know and it would take a pretty extraordinary stranger to do that!

The other day my husband was depressed. Anyone who knows my husband knows he is always the ultimate and consummate ray of sunshine. However, living in Washington state on the coast with over 100 inches of rain and rarely a sunny day, he has an occasional bout of SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) and it is a tough go for him.

However, he handles it well! He just sits in his jammies and watches television. It passes quickly.

The other day I was trying to figure out a way to brighten his day without getting in his way, so I cut out this really odd shaped oval (okay, it was a failed attempt at a heart). I wrote...I love you & don't let this get you down. I slipped it into the pocket of his shirt he wears to work on the race car.

He found it, gave me a hug and said thanks. I felt I had touched him in some small way. Little did I know that 3 days later, he would still be carrying around that card. Last night, we didn't go to the races due to finances, he called me and told me, I miss you and I have your note in my shirt pocket, keeping you close.

When he came home he thanked me for being who I am and not being upset because we didn't have money for the races...hmmmmmmmmmmm, money for fun or money for gas and groceries?? I'll opt for the latter!

Today during church, it was so nice to see everyone wearing shorts, skirts, Hawaiian shirts, summer dresses, sandals and I prayed, 'Father in Heaven, allow the sun to shine and surround my hubby in warmth and Sunshine.'

Hubs just called to let me know he will be late coming home (I know that, every Sunday evening he is out taking the race car off the trailer), but he feels it very important to call and let me know and I appreciate that.

He then told me...just wanted you to know my day has been warm and sunny and I am still carrying your note in my pocket, it makes me remember how loved I am.


So, never ever underestimate the small things we do for one another...lunch with a friend, working out with a friend, calling someone we haven't talked to in awhile. You never know how reaching out will make someone's day!

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Wendy B said...

here here Jean....I couldn't have said it better! Hope the SAD is gone now and the sun is bright and shiny at your place
Take care lovely
XX Wendy :O)