Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another UFO Finished!

It has been a long few days. Monday, the grands mom and aunt and other siblings came to visit and we had a nice visit. The kids behaved like kids, ran around hugged them, took pics and then went to play with their friends.

Tuesday, I had an interview that was an hour and a half drive away and back so that means 3 hours in the car with an hour break. I love the drive but it does exhaust me at times!

Yesterday, we were up early taking the kids to the airport for a trip with their aunt and mom to Hawaii. Yes, these 2 brave women flew to Hawaii with six kids! I am jealous, I have never been but I hope they have an awesome visit and great time and bring back lots of happy memories! You can see them with their Lei's.

Many of you have followed my blog and may be wondering about the smallest little girl in this picture, this is the baby sister of the kids, Emerald and she is a doll baby! They have 2 other brothers, but they were probably very tired by the time this picture was taken.

So, I came home from the airport yesterday, exhausted and worked on and finished this small quilt for my quilt rack down in the basement. I needed something with a NASCAR theme and designed my own!

My favorite driver of all time is Kyle Petty and while Kyle may not be the top driver of all time like his dad, he is one of the most amazing, kindest people I have met. Yes, I have met Kyle Petty, talked with him several times and he is just down home kind!

So, in Kyle's honor, I designed my small quilt around him!

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