Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gods Answering Prayers, In His Time

Wow! Wow! I cannot believe how God lines things up so perfectly for us and even though we don't see it at the time we are wading through it, when it happens, all I can do is sit back and go, WOW!

Four years ago, we moved to Washington state and I needed a break from working, family issues and stress. I decided we would work on our home and the kids and I would travel around the area we lived in learning about it and finding our way around.

I was also putting in job applications so when September rolled around, I would be ready to go to work. I found a job working at the grands school as a reading tutor, it was perfect. When it was over, I did a month of volunteering at our historical seaport and had applied for a position they were looking to fill. Someone else got the job!

I was encouraged by several teachers I had worked with to get my emergency substitute certification and become a substitute and I began working as a sub in 2008 and continued through 2009 up until I had my back surgery.

In the meantime however, I was applying for other jobs and doing interviews, networking, talking to people and all the job doors were closed. I kept asking God, do you really want me working with children and teaching?

I got a job in my degree field of Human Resources and had the most amazing office and view of the ocean imaginable and I did well and really felt I was making a difference and seeing people and their attitudes change. I was laid off. Funny, this time, it didn't bother me and I started seeking employment back in the field of emergency telecommunications.

I am a dispatcher, I am good at what I did and I while I needed a break to refresh and regroup, I believe in my heart, this is my calling. Last night talking to a wonderful friend of mine who works in Law Enforcement, he told me, 'I never understood why you left the field, this is what God placed you on this earth to others, save lives.'

I say that because I want you all to know that All things are possible if you wait, have patience (no, I don't) and keep God in front. Tuesday, I had an informal interview with the director of a 911 center I had applied for. This was going to be close to my final step in the hiring process. Yesterday I was contacted and asked to come back today, sign an contingency offer and proceed with my physical and hearing.

I GOT THE JOB!! I GOT THE JOB!! Well, I will have it once I pass the medical side of the process.

Here is how God works. I open my daily readings by Joyce Meyer every morning after my prayers and todays topic: 'Why does God wait so long?' I almost fell out of my chair. Today, this exact message was for me.

Joyce has a great perspective on that question. She says the Lord waits so long to answer our prayers and our needs so that the only thing we can see when the answer comes through is a miracle. This job offer is our miracle!

God also likes to show us that our dreams have never died and He brings them back to life for us in ways that are amazing. I was exhausted after twelve and a half years of working 911. God knew I needed a break, but He could also see the future...God knew my mom would be diagnosed with breast cancer, my dad ALS, God knew I wouldn't have one, but two back surgeries and He knew I needed to be able to rest and recover!

Perhaps that is why God waits so long, he wants us to rest and recover in Him, trust in Him and while I always have, I can say I have learned many lessons through this and these are:

  1. It is okay to eat at home every night.

  2. Once a month cooking isn't so bad.

  3. Trying my hands at other things showed me I am not only good, but great at working with teens and adolescents and reaching out to them.

  4. It is okay to be a stay at home mom as long as you realize there is a budget to stick to.

  5. No one really needs 60 pairs of shoes.

  6. It is okay to tell a child you are struggling financially and let them help in some of the budget process.

  7. You really can find free things to do if you look with your eyes and not your pocketbook!

  8. Blogging keeps me sane.

  9. Gods timing is not my timing.

  10. We can all survive on less things, less money as long as we have God in our lives and love and compassion in our hearts!

If you are waiting on answered prayers, if you are feeling the walls close in, don't ever give up, look up, look to God and please,I am always here to pray for you.


Dayna said...

prayers that you pass the medical side of things. Yes....God answers in His own time and own way.

Vicki said...


I know you have been trying to be patient.
It is true, we really don't see what God is doing til we look back and see everything line up. We get little glimpses here and there, I think to help us press on. It is so awesome to look back and see that God gave you exactly what you needed when you needed it.

Rosa-Munda said...

His timing is always perfect. Congratulations on the job offer, and good luck! Ros