Monday, July 25, 2011

Being Carried Up The Mountain

I have been so blessed lately to have so many of you encouraging me, praying for me, knocking me in the head since I posted a few days ago that I felt so abandoned by God after learning I lost a job position due to a failed hearing test.

If you missed my pitty pot post, you can catch it here:

So many told me to not give up. Others told me not to be discouraged because God was much bigger than the mountain in front of me, I am in a period of time when God was carrying me for all the times I have carried others, others admonished me and made me feel what I always knew in my heart, that I hadn't really felt I was abandoned, I just was feeling pain and anguish.

Some sent me wonderful Email letters, telling me to relax and pray. Several told me they were praying for me because in their own tough times they knew people prayed for them. I received several telephone calls, my pastor called out of the blue, my husband who hugs me all the time, hugged me more.

I know that God knows all and sees all!

Today, I received 2 phone calls and an Email. They have rescheduled my hearing test for later this week, I see my medical doctor today for the pressure in my ear and while I have to come up with gas money and a co-payment for the hearing test, I feel I at least have a bit of hope.

This hearing test will be more comprehensive and hopefully the hearing center can give them a more detailed explanation of how well I can hear.

It isn't over yet, but at least I feel I have hope back and if I am told no, I know I have so many people that love me, care for me and are praying for me, that without that, this would not have been changed!

Thank you all!


Catskill Quilter said...

This is indeed good news! Our economy is bashing many of us, and those of us who are older have never seen such rough times, such discouragement. I finally decided that I would keep telling myself that we have enough money, that God provides abundance. (Sounds pollyannish, doesn't it?) Instead of worrying I am looking for signs of abundance and goodness. Just Saturday we had a blow-out and almost lost control of the car. My Sweetie (aged 60) was out in the 101 degree heat, struggling to get the ruined tire off the car, and the little donut tire on. A Good Samaritan stopped and helped him, a younger man with a family waiting in the car. What a blessing! Later, still rattled by the tire fiasco, my Sweetie left his wallet in a store after paying, and when he stopped to make another purchase, no wallet! We rushed back to the first store, and the clerk had seen his wallet sitting on the counter and immediately put it behind the counter till he came back for it. (On the negative side, I am disabled, he is now unemployed, and was told that it would take up to another 6 weeks till they investigated why he lost his job. Scary stuff...) Turn your eyes toward the light, and know that many of us will continue to hold you in my prayers.

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

You need to keep plugging thru... I always say that it is ok to have a pity me day or a pity me week, but if it lasts longer we have to do something about it. And it sounds like you are doing just that.