Monday, July 18, 2011

I Really Need A Sizzix or AccuQuilt

Many of you have seen my quilting closet, but I don't think I post my space in the basement very much if at all. So, here it the left is an old sewing table (the one with plant on it) and when it is open, I have a piece of plywood I use so my sewing machine won't fall through. It is perfect for many of the larger quilts and free motion quilting I do.

My bolt of Warm and Natural batting stands next to my large oak file cabinet that holds lots of files, but the 3rd drawer down, holds my quilting patterns, greeting cards, newspaper clippings of things I want to make in the future or crafty ideas.

On the table is the fabric that Linda from Abby Mays fabric shop sent me for the Schneider family of Wisconsin who lost their home to a tornado earlier in the year. There are 120 5 1/2" squares that need to be cut into 4 triangles each! Hello Sizzix and Accuquilt, where are you?? I keep signing up to win an Accuquilt, but so far no luck, but then, all of us want one of these amazing things so we can quilt quicker!

Here is a close up of the stacked squares that will begin being triangulated later today. I love the colors and the fabric and I know the brightness will give this family hope.

If anyone of you out there know of any blogs that are having giveaways for a Sizzix or Accuquilt, please let me know and as always, I will keep you all posted when I find them as well.


Paula said...

Wow, how funny that you left a comment on my blog today! Yes, we are in Washington State, in the Tacoma area. (military)
I had just told my husband that I want to make a baby quilt for my first grandchild who is due in January.
I'm a very novice sewer and have never pieced a quilt. My mother quilts the old fashioned hand on a frame...and that overwhelms me!
I would love to pick your brain sometime to find out how to even get started.
Have a wonderful week!

Mommarock said...

Giggles, I keep trying to win one too! It is a nice thing to have, but financially, I just have to suck it up and keep on cutting things by hand. I cannot justify the expense when other things are costing so much these days.

Scrappy quilter said...

I'd love to see you win one. I bought a GO just before I moved and haven't even used it yet. I'll be working with it in the next several days. Yes we definitely are kindred spirits. Hugs

Deborah in Atlanta said...

I'd love to hear from you and share some sites I know about.

Jo said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for you to win one! If Accuqilt keeps up these giveaway I would love to win wone too. However at the moment your need is greater than mine. Good luck!

Love Of Quilts said...

I would like very much to see you win a Accuquilt. I sure will let you know if I see a giveaway. I wouldn't mind hearing from you once in a while. Trish