Monday, July 18, 2011

Meet Me On Monday...50th Post Questions

Today over at Meet Me On Monday, Java has posted her 50th set of questions. I love doing these questions, it is so fun to learn more about others and find new bloggers to make friends with. Y0u can choose to follow 1 blog, 10 blogs or no blogs, it is entirely up to you.

Todays MMOM questions:

1- What is my favorite food? Hands down without a doubt, my husbands home made beef tacos. Anyone who has shared in his taco's walks away eating at least 3 or more. They can't be beat!

2- What is the color scheme of my bedroom? Plum & Silver are the main colors. The painting above my bed reminded me of Jesus praying & is an original. The silver abstract is also an original. My husband chose the wall colors and it is my sanctuary...calm, peaceful and cool!

3- Do you carry a donor card? Yes I do! I had open heart surgery when I was 2 when no one else would perform it on a child, my parents found a doctor and hospital (thank you Deborah Heart Institute) that would. I am alive today because of them, I owe it to others to carry a donor card!

4- In my opinion is the glass half empty or half full? Honestly? It just depends on the day and the circumstances. If I am fulling trusting God and praying and believing, it is half full. If I allow my own thoughts to creep in and worry, it is about 3/4 empty. Just depends on the day and what is going on in my life!

5- Vanilla or Chocolate? Now, that is a silly question!

So, now you know a bit more about me. Head on over to Java's and join in the fun!

I am out for the day...heading to tanning, coming home and peeling paint off a wall and working on an amazing quilt!

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