Friday, July 8, 2011


If you are not from southern Louisiana or Texas, todays post may have you scratching your head or saying what on earth is lagnappy. First of all it isn't pronounced lagnappy it is pronounced lan yap.

It is just a small gift given by a shop owner as a way of saying thank you, glad you shopped with us. When I lived in New Orleans they first time I received anything like this was from the local Harley shop in the way of a keychain. Lucky for me, I opened the bag when I got in the car and realized they had given me someone elses purchase.

You guessed it, they knew right away I wasn't from around those parts, laughed with me and then explained Lagniappe. It is an unexpected benefit or gift. Since leaving New Orleans, I find myself doing that frequently.

If someone wins my giveaway, I usually stick something else inside the box whether it be a bundle of scrap fabric, a quilting magazine, a quilting pattern, it is just my way of included that surprise that says, thank you, I appreciate your time and following/business.

Today, I got to thinking as I was making 2 burb towels as Lagniappe for a customer of mine, how God gives us Lagniappe all the time. Hmmm, lets think about this for a minute. Does he give us little bonuses? You betcha, all the time.

Ever go to the mail box and find a check for $2 -$10 because you overpaid something? To me that is Lagniappe because I didn't expect to get a check back. How about when you check the mail and there is a package you didn't expect? You run into an old friend in the store you haven't seen forever and talk for an hour, why were you both in the store at the same exact time? Gods hand was in it all the way!

My local quilt store does this same thing in the way of a punch card. For every $5 you spend, they punch your card and when it is filled, you get $15 to spend in their store any way you want to. Coffee shops do it and when done, I have 4 free coffee's which I usually use for hot chocolate and pass onto the kids.

If you look at life as a gift everyday from God, when you can get up and get out of bed and get done what needs to be done as a bonus from God, then you pretty much understand what Lagniappe is. Simply put in my mind, it is a blessing you didn't expect.

What started it is these 2 burp cloths I made as a thank you to a customer who ordered a personalized baby quilt for a baby girl. I wanted to send a little extra thank you that was girlie and nice and these are what I made.

Blog giveaways are the blog owners way of Lagniappe, they appreciate your reading, they value your opinions and want to say thanks!


Love Of Quilts said...

Well I learned something new today although I can't pronounce it. I can not remember a store doing this in all my days...or I was so young I have forgotten it. Trish

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

I love the idea of the lan yap or however spelled or said. hahaha HMMMM I will have to throw in something extra for my giveaway going on now... Be sure to stop by to enter my giveaway.