Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Faith is Gods Opportunity

1. In the book 'same kind of different As me,' Denver Moore states when he was homeless something he learned is that 'Our limitation is God's opportunity and that when we get to the end of our rope and there isn't anything we can do, God takes over!' (Hall & Moore. same kind of different As me. Thomas Nelson publishing. 2006). How has this statement been authenticated in your life?
Wow! Where do I start? In 1998 my husband and I separated, I was living in a condo with my boys & our home was heading for foreclosure, I had gotten a realtor who specialized in selling foreclosed properties. My husband was in Minnesota. The realtor called me and told me the next day, I had to go to banktruptcy court. I said I would and the next day, I stayed in bed, hid under the covers and did nothing. I went to work and immediately got a call that our home sold just less than an hour before going to the court steps. I thanked God right where I was sitting. A few minutes later, the realtors secretary called me and said we lost the house and why didn't I go to court. I told her what I just learned, she hung up and called back a few minutes later. She invited me to lunch a few days later as she wanted some of my faith to rub off on her!

When my youngest son went to jail, I was terrified. He suffers from Autism & all I could do was put him in Gods hand. Several weeks into his time, I went to visit and he asked me if I would pray the sinners prayer for him, at first I balked as we were sitting down at a table, there were others close by and he was cuffed. But I did. When he got out to await trial, he insisted he be baptized before he was sentenced to prison because he wanted to make sure if something happened to him, he would go to heaven. Our pastor arranged it. My son was released early, never harmed and was watched over like a hawk. God protected my son when I couldn't.

When I reach my limits, when I feel I can't go on any longer, when all I want to do is huddle in a corner and tell the world to go away. That is when God taps me on the shoulder and whispers in my ear, 'watch this.'

God is amazing!!

2- Throughout the book, Denver's initial response to life's challenges often in the book is rooted in his simple faith in God. Why is it so hard for society's successful people to have this kind of faith? What keeps you from having this kind of faith?
I think it is hard for society's successful people to have this kind of faith, because bluntly put, they don't feel they need it. They have good jobs, make good money, can purchase anything they want, why on earth do they need faith? A few months ago, a friend of mine and I were talking and she had been invited to a local societal event that raises money for breast cancer. She was appalled at the women that were purchasing jeans for their young daughters at $150 a pair & not just one, but 5-10 pairs. We live in a high poverty area and she felt they could have donated more to the cause then this.

People who can spend this kind of money have no clue what it is to struggle. They live in nice homes, take great vacations, have great kids and unless something happens in their life as it did in this book to Ron Hall, they are good for a few bucks, making an appearance at church on Sundays, but their faith is not in God but in their things!

I do have this kind of faith. I do believe that God is there for all of us when we need Him most, but He is there all the time, most of us just don't open our eyes to see Him. No matter where I am and what I say I do have this kind of faith. I have seen Gods hand in my life over and over again, He may not answer me the way I want to be answered, but He shows me He has always had my best interest at heart.

I have been wanting to unload some of the junk in our home and all the while I seem to bring in more. However I could live in simplicity with very little. It is less clutter not only for the eye, but for the mind! Faith comes easy for me!!

3- I won't ruin the story here, all I can say is that Rons wife Deborah took Denver in and Denver was the object of her ministry but he became the source of ministry and Denver was equipped by God in his lifetime to be able to minister to Ron's needs. Through what experiences has God worked to equip you for ministry? How has God used you to meet the needs of others?
Wow! This is a big one. I got pregnant at a young age, was the victim of domestic violence, lost a child when I was 23 years of age, got divorced, lived in my car, been hungry, I can go on, but I have always had adversity in my life and worked through it...with God!!

I have been able to reach out to parents and families that have lost loved ones and I can pray for them and minister to them in ways that someone who hasn't lost a child can't. I can relate to how people feel when others tell them to get over it.

I can related to the homeless because my own son is homeless and while we don't live close and I can't help him much, we have tried. I am not afraid to talk to someone in need!

Being the victim of DV, I can talk to others and share my experiences.

By putting me in the midst of doo doo, God has made me stronger and given me compassion and humility towards others. By doing this, God has given me the drive to blanket those in need, write about those in need, show compassion to those in need. No, I can't blanket the world, but I can blanket a few and pass on the need to others. My quilts are my ministry as odd as it sounds to some!

4- In the book Deborah extended her ministry by investing in the lives of others. How are you investing in the lives of others? Through donating quilts, boxes of necessary supplies, talking to others, handing out Bibles, even working with the junior high crowd. God has shown me that everyone needs to stay warm!

5- When someone passes onto the other side, we have funerals or life celebrations. How can such a somber occasion be celebrative? What does this say about the faith of the one who passed away?
Because we are celebrating the person and not their death! Their accomplishments, their family, their kindnesses. It says this person lived their faith, gave to others, showed Gods love to others.

What are some of your opinions? I hope to hear lots of wonderful things and how God has worked in your life!


kheli said...

I just finished reading this book (on the recommendation of my father) and I have been so touched by it. Dad and I talked about it this weekend. I, too, have seen God's hand in my life: healing my Dad when all else had failed, healing my Mother-in-Law from a mysterious infection, selling our house, etc. I guess most folks don't understand the pure simplicity of Faith. And while it may seem like they have all the earthy stuff, they really miss out on a lot!

As for the issue you have written about your clutter, my sweet MIL can't seem to get rid of anything either! She grew up on a farm during the Depression, so I just try to help her by gently suggesting that since she is not using something, perhaps we should donate it to those who will. Thanks for some great, thought-provoking posts!

Quiltingranny said...

Thanks for sharing Kheli. I do get rid of things, but then find more to bring in...oh bother, as Pooh would say. Yes, people do not realize the blessings they are missing!