Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Fourth of July

No, this isn't the scene of some freaky and scary Hallowee movie, it is our front yard last night during our own fireworks show and all this smoke was from one of those smoke bombs , the kids loves walking through it and I got this picture.

This one on the left looks dangerously like they are playing with fire and my camera as I have said is going out on me, so this was blurry, however, he was waving around a Sparkler and that is why it looks this way! I promise, no children were hurt in the taking of these photos!

In this photo though it is still blurry, you can see they all had Sparklers and these and those silly poppers they toss on the ground are by far, the biggest hits at our house each year! After having a very bad fireworks accident as I was entering 6th grade many years ago where my dad let us all hold a Roman Candle and the bottom of mine blew out and severely burned me...I won't even hold a Sparkler!

Always concerned about fires and injuries, I would say in comparison to what I have observed, my husband is one of the most ultra conservative careful people I know. We don't purchase illegal fireworks and we quit going to the beach because that is Washington states version of the war zone.

He always waters the yard really good, watches for embers from the fall out and quickly puts it out if there is any and each year, he builds a platform and launching tube so the grass isn't taking a direct hit and he feels he has more control over what he is doing!

Here, you can see the launch tube is anchored into a wet piece of wood and the plywood is the base for smaller things. In the background the little orbs you see are other peoples fireworks!

Our community has a huge public display of fireworks down by the river each year. We choose not to go just due to the traffic situation, but living where fireworks are legal, we purchase a few and when it gets dark, we light ours off and when they are gone, we watch all the neighbors.

Like this one last picture, not ours, a neighbors and trust me, they had a spectacular display on their own! Prior to this, we had invited a neighbor over to enjoy BBQ burgers and hotdogs and some home made berry berry cobbler.

The kids love BBQ because I have purchased some of those red burger baskets and red and white paper napkins and they love them for taking to the front porch and eating.

I hope your fourth was as wonderful as ours was!!

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Wendy B said...

How wonderful Jean....I can remember as a child having fireworks in the backyard.....unfortunately they have been banned here in Australia altogether...except for the trained pyrotechnicians!!! Such a shame...they remain such good memories!
sugary hugs
XX Wendy :O)