Thursday, July 7, 2011

Please Visit My Friend Melissa

When I was a police dispatcher we worked for a very small department which made it nice because we got to know not only the officers, but their wives and families. One especially wonderful lady I met was Melissa. Melissa is a straight shooter, tells it like it is and has a heart for the truth and God.

Melissa has Vasculitis and has gone through pure medical hell for many years. I remember when she first got sick, she had suffered so much and everyone thought for awhile I think that it was in her head. She got sicker, they said it was allergies, she got sicker, they scratched their heads!

Melissa is currently going through Chemotherapy and for the longest time, she kept her hair. A few days ago, it began coming out in clumps and she had to make a difficult decision to either cut it short or shave it!

Last night, she shaved it off. Melissa is a very strong lady and she seems to be okay with it. I want to lift Melissa up today in prayer and make her smile. Can you all do me a huge favor and stop by her blog and say hello, follow her blog she has some profound things to say and let her know I sent you by!

Lets make Melissa smile and laugh! Just hop over to: Gods Writing the Song.
You will have a new friend and meet an incredible woman who has walked along an incredible journey!


Melissa Rodriguez said...

You are too sweet my friend!!! You have put a smile on my face!! Love you and thank you for such kind words! It is because of people like you this journey we call life is an easier road to travel and definetly worth the trip! God Bless you!! Xoxo

Quiltingranny said...

You are so deserving of the mention, wish I could do more!