Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Day At The Lake

We have a local lake in our area and it has recently been revamped for family fun and yesterday I took our 3 grands and 3 of their friends and another friend met us there, so here are the 7 of them drying off all smiles!
Here are some of them have a blast. Little man is playing with an small floaty tube and the boat has the 2 girls and their friends in the boat in the back.

Initially they didn't want to go in because the water was ice cold...make no bones about it, the water is snow run off, it is cold! But once in, they loved it.

This park is wonderful. They put the docks up and enclosed it into a wading area for the kids, they planted grassy all over the place and they put up covered picnic areas and lots of garbage cans. This is an amazing place to take the kids when it is warm and sunny and not spend lots of money, but they can have wonderful memories!

Here is out little Diva girl and she is wrangling this vicious shark to protect all the kids in the wading pool. You can tell by her smile that she won the battle!

She conquered the beast and the kids in the front were safe to go swimming again and she just had a blast with this shark. Actually I think it was a dolphin, but she called it a shark!

Here is the oldest, the more cautious of all of them. It took awhile for her to get in the water, but once she got in and warmed up, she did not want to get out!

We haven't had a summer here in our area since 2009 and then it was short. So yesterday, it was 80 degrees, the sun was out and the kids had a blast.

I can't wait to see your summer pictures of family and friends!

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Pokey said...

What inviting pictures, it looks so refreshing and cool ~