Saturday, July 23, 2011

So Sad To Say Good-Bye

I am very sad to say good-bye to my good blogging friend Micki and her husband Joe over at Irish Muses. Sharing her life in Ireland, her new puppy, her beautiful creations. When she was injured, her husband wrote her blog for her and did a great job.

About a week ago, she made the decision that her blogging journey had come to an end and she was to busy doing other things in Ireland, enjoying her new puppy and life and that sadly she had to stop blogging.

I wrote her a note, told her I will miss her very much and removed her blog from my following. I am always so sad to remove one of you that I loyally follow and read and leave comments for and send Emails to and those of you who encourage me when I am down and out.

Today, I spent most of the day quilting and catching up on my blog friends and leaving comments. I struggle with following a blog just to win a giveaway and I know in the long run once the giveaway is over, I may quit following.

I follow blogs about life, family, quilting, crafting, homemaking and more and more I am dropping those blogs that seem to do nothing more than product reviews. Sure, winning a giveaway is awesome, having a giveaway is fun, but reading a blog that only does reviews is not my cup of tea.

I followed for a very long time a Christian blog that talks about family, organization, decorating, raising children, home schooling and then all of a sudden I noticed several things....this person never once responded to my comments on her blog, they had over 2500 followers, so that tells me they have no time for responses only writing.

Lastly, it became a daily advertisement for one product or another and the interest in me began to wane.

I know I am not always Suzy Homemaker, Betty Crocker, Little Suzi Sunshine, but I do my best to mix it, grandparents, crafts, quilting, life in general. I am not out to win the biggest blog contest and I feel very honored for the blog followers I have.

I have met many wonderful men and women on my blog & talked to a few of you, laughed with you, cried with you and have been amazed at how you have all reached out to me. I have been hooked on aprons, swaps and giveaways.

But each time I have to stop following a blog, it breaks my heart. So to Micki, I say a final farewell my friend and I will keep in touch via Email!

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SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

Oh that is sad Jean. I know what you mean about not staying interested in blogs that don't reciprocate with acknowledgment. I love to write. My blog is like my little piece of online therapy, a place to praise my Lord, to meet new friends, and sometimes host some giveaways or make a few bucks to support my scrapbooking habit ;D