Saturday, July 23, 2011

Good Bye Olfa, Thanks For The Years

Here is my very first Rotary Cutter, an Olfa and I have had it for a long time. Today, while cutting fabric, it just popped apart and I am talking popped with parts flying all over. I am just so glad the blade didn't hit somewhere and cut me because it is pretty new and very sharp!

From what I can tell and I am no mechanic, the large bolt at the top, cracked which must have caused the washer to bend while I was using it and the parts just seemed to fall away from the rotary cutter.

I always check my rotary cutters before using them to ensure the screws are tightened down and the blades are clean and without any knicks. I have never had this happened before. Maybe it just got worn out and tired after all these years of being pushed the last few days as we did all of this today.

Yesterday we completed cutting over 400 triangles with the same cutter, so maybe it just felt it had performed its duties and now it was ready to retire. Thank goodness I am a good quilter and have several more stashed away to use just in case I needed another one.

So, good-bye my right hand side kick, we made many quilts & memories, may the trash man treat you well & yes, I saved the blade!


Love Of Quilts said...

I do think it performed its duties well thats a lot of work for just one day... it was worn out. Trish

Quiltingranny said...

Amen Trish! It did and yes, it was a lot of work, but right now I need to keep my mind and my hands busy!

Mommarock said...

Whew! So glad you didn't get cut.. I've seen so many fingers bandaged on different blogs when that rotary got out of hand.. those babies are SHARP!

Deborah in Atlanta said...

God was smiling down on you today, wasn't he? So glad you didn't get sliced and diced. Go to this post here in my blog and see where you can buy some of those blades at a really, REALLY good price. Especially if you have one of these stores in your town (I have no idea where you live, so I couldn't google). Anyway, go my post here (it won't be such a great deal if you have to order them on-line):