Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Car Repair Prayers

As many of you know I am up for a new job out of town in just a few short weeks and wouldn't you know it, we start having car issues. Now, I am not complaining as my hubby and I have had our cars since 2006 with little to no issues at all!

Well, hubby has had to replace brakes, heater core, water pump and of course the tires and routine maintenance. However, all my van has needed is a battery, brakes and tires. We are very good at keeping up with routine maintenance. You have to be.

I can't say there isn't a few things on my van that need fixing....someone hit my rear bumper and it is split down the middle, I need a new rubber gasket around my drivers side door and the window needs to be fixed to come down and the electrical needs to be fixed so my doors lock with the key fob, but those are just minor irritants not necessary repairs!

A few weeks ago, my van pegged on hot. I thought it was odd that I had no water in my reservoir and very little in the radiator. We refilled everything and it seemed to be okay. Once in a while the reservoir will be lower than it was, so we figured it had a small leak.

Yesterday, it began whining and crying....making this noise and dripping water so we are assuming it is the water pump going out. Since I have a front wheel drive and one of those transverse engines, hubby can't work on it, so it goes to the shop tomorrow.

Please pray it is a reasonably priced repair. Hubby is also having them replace the serpentine belt as he wants to ensure my van is tops for my new job. We will probably get it tuned up once I start receiving regular checks and it will be good to go.

Also this week hubbies van began squeeling and we had to order a new tensioner pulley for it. Lucky for us hubby can take the new part over the shop where they work on the race car and he and his buddy can replace it.

My van has been perfect. I have never had one complaint about it with the exception the kids keep it full of garbage, but once a month, we take it down to the car wash, empty it all out and vacuum it.

Please pray this repair will be under $500 and it will be something simple as I cannot afford to have my van go down at this point with my new job at stake!

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