Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our Grandson Meets The Lt. Governor

It is not everyday you get invited to meet the Lieutenent Governor for your state and probably even rarer that an eight year old is, however, today we were at the state capitol with an invitation to meet Lt. Governor Brad Owen.

Back in April, all three of the grandchildren submitted poems and letters about what it was like to live with their grandparents as part of a Voices of Children campaign through the states kinship care program.

Jonathan's was chosen as the winner of his age category and we were awarded a trip to a wonderful indoor swim park/hotel for 2 days and one night and it was so much fun.

The second part of his prize was he was supposed to meet with the governor and she would present them with a certificate and $100 from our local Twin Star credit union. However, summer drug on and on and it never materialized, so I wrote a note asking why these children were being ignored and the meeting was scheduled with the LG....personally, I think he is way more personable and down to earth!

Here is our family going up the capital steps (the kids counted all of them, 45) they are done in such a way you do not feel like you are climbing all those steps, it is a very comfortable climb. It was 81 in Olympia when we got there, not hot to many, but hot to us who are used to living under clouds and rain most of the year!

They were really amazed at being able to sit in the kings chairs and see how big they are and how huge the tables were. As you can tell, brother is trying to see how far down his sister is from him.

Here our little man is standing next to the Lt. Governor, they took many pictures and he was very happy to be there.
Even though we enjoyed meeting the Lt. Governor and having our picture taken with him and seeing how personable he was, it was the after meeting that was amazing! I do not know if it was one of the LG's aids, staff or security, but he came up and asked my husband about Jonathan personally.

Seems he knows the pediatric plastic surgeon who operated on his ears a year ago and when he saw that he had mentioned him in his poem that won, he told the doctor about it who was very humbled that one of his patients mentioned his work and more excited that he won the prize.

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Love Of Quilts said...

That was so good for the kids and you got to go on a trip....that was good. Trish