Thursday, August 25, 2011

Car Repairs...

I have had my van since October 2006. It was an amazing deal when we purchased it and the maintenance was kept up through about 86,000 miles when I couldn't work anymore and you know the old saying, if it isn't broken, don 't fix it?? I am here to tell you, don't play that game with your vehicle.

Hubby and I were correct in the fact that the van needed a new water pump and since I will be traveling, he decided we should also replace the Serpentine belt as it has never been replaced. So, it goes into the car hospital today and the cost for surgery is $450.

Not what I was hoping for it to be, but right at about where I thought it would be. The mechanics are the best in our area and come very highly recommended unlike our local 1 size fits all car dealer.

Then, the news comes and I have been waiting for it:
1. It needs a tune-up, still has original spark plugs...yes, I know this as Dodge says not to do a tune-up until after 100,000 miles. Well, we are coming up on 108,000 so I know I am pushing it. Cost for just a tune-up with parts and labor....$453. **This one I will look around for when I am working** For me, I think it is just a tad bit high! Okay, a lot high...I was thinking between $250 and $300, but maybe I am living under a rock!

2. Valve cover gasket as I am leaking a tad bit of oil, however with this wonderful transverse engine as hubby has confirmed, nothing is easy & the mechanic stated this is why it costs so much...$400.

3. Transmission fluid flush $278. **This scares me as it involves dropping the pan and 9 out of 10 times when it is put back, the car will leak** But then again, I can't lose my tranny can I?

4. Right rear shocks $288. ** Now hubby tells me that he and his buddy can probably do these for the cost of the shocks, but we won't know until later when I get my van back!**

5. Sway Bar in links $285. **My car has been creaking a lot when it goes over bumps, hubby thought I needed new struts, but this is the issue** Nope, hubs can't do this because he isn't sure what they are talking about.

6. Brake flush...$102 **I just had front and rear brakes done within the last year, so I will call the tire place and get their opinion on this and their cost...hubs said he might be able to do this as well**

So, all total for my repairs after today will be $1706. Ouch! I owe just under $2900 on it, but I would much rather have these repairs complete and know it is all good to go then not fix them and have it cost more.

My goal has always been to pay it off and then drive it until it won't go no more with lots of loving kindness in between, you know....fresh oil, oil filter, air filter, water, coolant, tires, internal and external cleaning.

I appreciate those who prayed for the repairs to be minimal. While this is more than we have right now, it is minimal in comparison to what it could be and for that, I am very thankful. The fact that hubby and his buddy can do some of the work, makes it even nicer.

However, if you just happen to have a spare $100, $200, $300 or more lying around and want to donate it to the cause....HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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