Sunday, August 7, 2011

Four Years, 29,800 Visitors, 244 Followers & 1435 Posts Later.....

Wow!  I was just looking around my blog thinking today I needed to make some changes, however, lately, I am totally exhausted all the time and just no passion to post when I saw how blessed I have been in my blog followers, visitors and did I really say that much?

I started this blog way back when I was trying to operate 2 blogs and this is the one that everyone seemed to gravitate to, so I closed out my 911 Quilts for Charity, a blog dedicated to making quilts for those that are heard but never seen, those that hurt when tragedies happen but are rarely recognized and those that still have their homes burn down, lose loved ones, succemb to cancer yet there rarely is anyone to reach out and help them.

Through this blog however, my quest to help others continues and I have been so blessed.

However, lately, I think the stress of life has begun to suck me under a bit and I just need to get some energy going.  Once I begin to move again, I will feel fine.  Once I know in which direction to travel, I will be great, but having unanswered questions weighs heavy on my mind and body at times.

I tried last week to walk, however, wound up with food poisoning or some horrible flu and was sick for 3 days and since then, I still feel giant waves of nausea wash over me! So, I haven't been doing much, it is like I have motion sickness all the time.

No, I am not pregnant!

I feel I should have a giveaway here and last year I was always having giveaways on my own, with donors, but this year it seems some of those have been hit by the economy going sour and haven't contacted me at all, but I am contemplating a giveaway and will probably be something wonderful like handmade soaps or something indulgent like that!

So to those of you who have stopped by, who leave comments, who lurk in the shadows, who bear with my rantings and ravings...God Bless and Thank You all!


Mommarock said...

Being sick is just NO fun! Hope you are all better soon!!

Scrappy quilter said...

Awe friend, sometimes God has us in the season of "waiting". Don't feel you have to have giveaways all the time. That's not what makes your blog great. What makes it great is YOU!! Love ya

Jessica said...

Feel better! Scrappy quilter is right - giveaways aren't necessary. No worries :)