Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gene Black, Quilting and Fabric Designer

I am always just tickled pink when I meet a man who quilts as I find them so uninhibited and not afraid to try new techniques, design new things and jump right in and get down to business. I have been a follower of Gene's for awhile now and he has done some pretty incredible quilts.

One thing I loved is he uses hair spray as basting spray. I use hair spray everyday and the thought never even crossed my mind. See what I mean, the man is amazing. He even designs fabric and we have to help him. These are his fabric designs and they were chosen by Connecting Threads to be a part of their voting line up for fabric designs (designers).

All you need to do is click on the picture or Connecting Threads above and vote for Gene Black's designs and you can vote once for each of them. I have done it so please, lets reach out and show our quilting bloggers admiration towards this man and vote for his designs.

Please, once you have voted, stop by his blog, you won't be disappointed and leave him a comment and tell him you voted and came via the Quilting Ranny. Lets help push him over the top.

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hip-chick said...

What a smart man to think of that. they sure do think differently then we do.