Monday, August 22, 2011

Hand Quilted Border

So, by now I think everyone knows this quilt was a bit more detail intense than I had predicted, so it didn't make it to the fair, but it is still fun to try new things. Here is what I personally learned:

#1- I learned to blanket stitch as each of these little doggies has been blanket stitched to Muslin.

#2- I don't like metallic thread. I started using it and won't do that again, I just didn't like it at all...some might like it, I am not experienced enough to like it!

#3-I learned the smaller the sharp quilting needle I use, the better the handquilted stitches around the dogs looked. Each of these after the blanket stitches are hand quilted.

#4-The smaller the sharp, the easier they are to bend or break!

#5- I really need a quilting frame or a very large embroidery hoop for these projects!

Saturday, I decided I wanted to put an outer hand quilted border on, so I used my water soluable quilt marking pen (the blue) and traced a vine and leaf pattern. You can see it here, however the green thread I used didn't show up very well.

Today, I will finish adding the binding and then it goes in the wash on handwash, cold to wash out the ink, then into the dryer to dry and I will post the final picture later.

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