Monday, August 8, 2011

Hearing Aid Assistance Needed

I have just been technically offered the job I have been waiting on as long as I pass the psych test this week with one caveat....I must have a hearing aid that will bring my hearing to 25 hrz prior to starting the job in November.

They are going to allow me to go through training without one, however before I go onto the floor, it will be mandatory I have one and another hearing test for which neither one will be paid for or provided, it must all come out of our pocket.

The good news is I will have a job. The bad news is, we cannot afford the cost of the hearing aid and our insurance will not pay for it. I have been looking into options, but they are few and far between with the exception of cash, cash or cash and up front at that.

I am not asking for a handout, so do not think that is what this post is about. What I am asking if anyone of you know of any organizations that may help with the cost of a hearing aid? All the ones I could find were for children or very poverty level adults and I am not in either category.

I am working on an application for a company called Audient who helps and another called CARE (thanks John, I found it) a low cost loan.

I was told normal cost will run me around $2200 out the door.

If I do not pass the hearing test once I get the hearing aid, I will be refunded the cost of the hearing aid because it isn't doing what I paid for it to do.

I need an organization that helps people who live in Washington state.



Jo said...

I am not sure what the name of the company is,as it was over 5years ago, but there is a company that gives very ,very low interest loans for medical needs. We borrowed something like $4000 to get my dental work done (can you believe what they charge) and our payments were something in the neighborhood of $32 a month. I would suggest calling a your dentists office and asking about this as I know most dentists offer the use of this company to people, when they need a large amount of work done. I am sorry that I cannot remember the name of it. I do know that your income leveldoes not have to be low to get the loan. Also it is only for loans that involve health care of some type. This was in Oregon but I am betting it is in WA also as it was not state affiliated.I know it is a bit vague,sorry, but maybe it will put you on the right track.

Anonymous said...

What about your local Lions Club? Most Lions Clubs provide services for the blind, however, some also provide services that offer refurbished hearing aids. If you contacted them and explained your situation (ie: raising your grandchildren, need hearing aid for a service type job) they might be able to help you. If they can't, they might be able to tell you where to look.