Thursday, August 11, 2011

Check Your Posting Options

Dear Blogging Friends:
Lately I have been having problems posting to your blog. Is it a blogger issue or have you changed your own settings? I am a faithful follower and love to see what you and your family have been up to, how your creativity has been working this summer and the many wonderful summer projects you have been doing.
However, I can not longer post to many of your blogs as the quiltingranny, the only options I am given is: Wordpress, Live Journal, AIM, Open ID (it tells me I am not registered), Type Pad and Google Id which only posts me as anonymous.
Please check your settings to see what is going on. This saddens me that I cannot let you know I stopped by to see your awesome blog.
If anyone knows what is going on, please let me know!

The Quilting Ranny


Barb said...

I have not changed any of my settings, and the same thing is happening to me. I do believe it is a Google issue -- who runs Blogger.

Scrappy quilter said...

I hope you can still post to mine. I haven't changed anything. Hugs

Kelly said...

I have been having the same issue. I think the answer is that you cannot have your own blog open at all. You will have to sign out of your blog (so stupid!) and then leave a comment which will then prompt you to sign back into google. It should work then. Or it has been working for me.

Good luck!