Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Job

Well, I got the call today, I will begin my new job as a police dispatcher on September 19th. I am so happy to have this opportunity to help my hubby get a bit off his plate, but a bit nervous as well. I have to be out of town Monday-Friday and will only get to see my family on the week-ends.

I have to have hearing aids and I am not quite sure how we are going to afford those, I have thought about taking up a collection right here on my blog for donations...our insurance will not pay for them at all & at this time, I do not know if I need one or two.

I am an old military wife, I am used to my husband being out of town. I am an old nuclear power worker used to one of being home and one on the road. We were younger then, we had family near by.

We are blessed to have a local day care open until 9:30 at night as hubby gets off work at varied times so the grands can be picked up at school...they have had to change schools, but love the new school, they know many of the students and teachers!

Our back up grandparents, wonderful people who loved the kids so much and just loved on them and us....sadly have split up and parted from our lives, the kids and hubby and I are so sad, but this happens when you are an alcoholic and think you can drink again and cause so much pain to others. It breaks our hearts. Can you please put D & S in your prayers.

If my hearing aids do not bring my hearing up to where it needs to be, I will be out of work. If they do, I get to keep my job and hubby will begin to look for a transfer. Once that happens, it will mean finding a storage facility to store our things so we don't have to move it all at once, holding a large yard sale, deciding on what to keep and get rid of.

The biggest challenge I can see ahead will be to rent our home out and find another one in the new area to rent. Might be a bit tough, but if this is Gods will, we won't have any problems!

I am also looking forward to spending time taking long hot baths, sitting and reading a book and eating better and walking more.

I probably will not be doing lots of blogging in the beginning, but I will pop in when I can.

Keep my family in your prayers!


Jo said...

How wonderful for you and your family. I know moving can be hard (21 year navy wife) but the job sounds well worth the effort. What town will you be dispatching for?

Love Of Quilts said...

I sure hope this all works out for you. I am going to send up a prayer for you. Hope you get your hearing aid. Trish

Brenda said...

congrats! how exciting for you