Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lovin' Weekend Blog Hop

I hopped over to visit Kim at Creative Spirit, she is such an awesome person and always taking something and creating it to be more beautiful and while there, I decided to look around at some of the people's blog who commented on hers and found this awesome week-end blog hop over at Ambers, Quilted Euphoria

What is so nice about it, is there truly are no rules. You can follow if you like or not follow. You don't have to write a post, but I am because I think this one is pretty special. If someone follows you they encourage you to follow them back, but you don't have to. I myself feel if someone likes me enough to follow me, I should reciprocate and I love meeting new people.

Blog hopping is how I met many of you my wonderful readers, followers and guests and I just love reading and seeing all the fantastic things you are doing from spending summertime with your family, to creating new things out of old (have you seen my recycled jean bags??), to quilting to empty nesting, coupon clipping.

So, if you get a chance, click on the link on my side bar and hop around and visit all the wonderful people or one or two, after all , there are no rules. I find some I follow and some I don't and some I go back to later so I save them in my favorites.


Ali's Answers said...

Thank you for stopping by! I am following you back!
Happy Sunday!

Candice @ Where Nothing Good Comes Easy said...

This is the blog hop I'm co-hosting :) Thanks for stopping by...following you back!

Kelly said...

Hi there-

Thanks for following me from the blog hop. I'm following you back.

Hope you had a great weekend!