Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Highlighting Etsy Shops

I have a wonderful blog friend named Sherry Westcott and Sherry has a crafting/family blog that is amazing called, 'If I Could Set My Soul Free.' She does some of the most amazing things with recycled paperbags, matchboxes from decorative things throughout the year to basic needs such as pot holders and coasters.

Sherry's husband has lost 2 jobs recently due to the economy. One was with a local church where he had been the maintenance caretaker for a long while and their home was part of the deal, so not only did he lose his job, they lost their home and had to move.

He was blessed to get a job with the school recently and that will help out, but Sherry also does her part trying to sell her beautiful hats, fingerless gloves, handbags and she sells them as such wonderful prices you absolutely cannot go wrong by doing a bit of your Christmas shopping with her.

Please, check out her blog, her Etsy shop and let her know I sent you over to say hello. She is kind, funny and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so talented. My grands love her and they don't even know her, but last year to keep their hands warm, she made them each a pair of fingerless gloves so they could wear them and still carry things or do school work.

Next, I want to let you know about is Shannon's Etsy shop over at It's A Blessing where she has had her shop for over a year now and has 100% feedback on all her sales. Shannon sells laminated scripture cards for little ones that are just to adorable. Then again, I need a few of those as my memory isn't so good anymore! HAHAHA!!

There are also beautiful bracelets an bookmarks to wear or use as a reminder of who God is and to keep us smiling. So many places have become sanitized and do not want us to share our faith let alone show it, so if you work in a place like that, you can wear one of her beautiful bracelets and remind yourself that God is still in control and give one away to someone in need.

Shannon also has a wonderful ministry making blessings blankets for parents that have suffered from losing a child through miscarriage. Shannon makes blessing blankets and includes a poem for the parents. So many of us during these times do not know what to say, but giving a blanket like this I think is a way to let the parents know we care!

Be sure to stop by Shannons blog as well and see what a wonderful spirit she has and coincidentally, she blog is named...Its a Blessing as well. Come back here soon as Shannon will be blessing one of you with a wonderful handmade bracelet!

Thats right, watch closely because Shannon has agreed to participate in a Quilting Ranny giveaway and she will be a guest here and we can find out more about this sweet person.

Remember, it takes time to shop at these shops, but if we do, we are not only spending money well, we are encouraging these talented people to continue on with their giftings.

In His Grace,


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