Saturday, August 27, 2011

So Excited...

I just cannot wait. Over the next few weeks things are going to get crazy around our house and I am just so jazzed I can't sit still.

First, the kids are starting school in a new school in town and it is amazing as it is a STEM school and based around Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and the first school in our state to do this program.

Second, since I have taught at that school in prior years, I am so happy with the teachers they have the teachers are genuinely happy to have them, how refreshing is that?

Everyday as we drive to school, I ask the kids if they have their Armor on for the day and we follow Ephesians 6:10-19, so I will have to make a note of that and put on hubbies steering wheel so he can continue as I will be at work already by the time they get moving.

Hubby is having surgery and I am happy about this because it is literally breaking my heart to see him in so much pain and he won't slow down. He tore his meniscus and will not stop. On the other hand he has been on vacation and it is nice to see him out sleep me...well, I get up by 0730 and he gets up after 10:00.

Our wonderful neighbor will be taking the kids to school and bringing them home from school during his healing time.

I get to start paying my bills off! WooHoo...what a concept and that pleases me more than anything at all. No more collections calls. I am thinking if all goes well, I should have many of them paid completely off by Christmas and I have already told hubs, lets make this a wonderful but small Christmas.

Yes, I am thinking how nice it would be to finally be able to buy new panties and a bra, how about some new jeans?? But, I also know I can do well with what I have until things start getting paid off. Frugality is the key and I have learned during this time, that I can make a goal and carry it out.

Wow! I am going back to work! I am pumped up!!


Love Of Quilts said...

I am so glad things are coming together for you....always like hearing good news. Trish

Scrappy quilter said...

I'm happy for you. I pray it all works out and you can get your bills caught up. There is nothing like being debt free. Have a wonderful time on this new journey you are on. May our Lord bless you throughout each day and may you be a blessing to others. Hope you have wonderful co-workers. Hugs