Monday, August 29, 2011

Stand Up For Handmade, Giveaway ends tomorrow!

This is a reminder to my viewers, stalkers, followers, dropping by to visitors to remember to stop by and visit Shannon over at It's A Blessing and bless here with either a purchase or a comment on her beautiful handmade bracelets, book marks or quilts.

Come on now, if I were offering Moda fabric, a Home Depot Gift Certificate or an Go Baby, you would all be twittering, facebooking and pasting it all over the net for your chance to win.

I have let all the blogs I follow know about this wonderful opportunity to just help support another stay at home mom who is creative. Where are all my Christian followers and all of you that I follow?

I can't make you purchase anything, leave a comment or even tell others, but this is really sad to me that Shannon stepped up to offer any bracelet or book mark in her collection and I have less than 30 entries. I am just so sad by this.

I know many of you wait until the very last day, but this just shocks me. My giveaways are done to help support people who make beautiful handmade items and how can I ask another blogger to contribute to my giveaways if I can't even get my readers to stop by Shannon's and leave a comment.

I can't make you buy and I understand about the economy, but I also know many of you will shop WalMart this year for Christmas gifts, well here is your chance to purchase something from another crafty person and feel good about your purchase, not to mention all the extra entries you will receive.

So, please, had over to facebook or twitter and lets get this party started! We have less than 24 hours so even if you do not purchase, lets set the net on fire about this giveaway!


Scrappy quilter said...

Awe, I'm sorry this hasn't gone has well has you wanted it too. I don't have facebook, nor do I have twitter and right now I just can't purchase one more thing. I hope you understand. Hugs

Quiltingranny said...

You don't need to purchase anything, I was just really hoping Shannon would have had lots of people stopping by and leaving her a comment and looking around. Some people don't twitter or FB, but I was hoping people would have at least told others about this so it would have been worth her while!