Sunday, August 28, 2011


The house is quiet as hubby is sleeping for his daily nap in the basement. While he loves our bed, it seems everytime he lays down for a nap, someone comes to the door and wakens him. While I find warped humor in it, he does not. I think I will make a note for the door!

I am sitting and reading a book called 'Hell On Church Street,' by Charles Dudrey and if you are wondering about your life and where God wants you to be, read his story it is how God took a life of severe abuse and transformed it into a man of God. If you can't find it, let me know and I will locate where you can get a copy!

The house is quiet, I am reading and the windows are open to let in a gentle cool coastal breeze. I love days like today when you can hear children playing in the distance, neighbors laughing and the gentle music of the wind chimes as they are blowing in the breeze on the front porch.

I stand at the window breathing in the cool crisp slightly damp air and watching the kids ride their bikes down the street. They are having some type of a relay race and are oblivious to being watched. I love times like this when you can watch them and they don't know they are being watched.

I think I understand now why our cat loves to sit at this window, watching the children playing, the dogs running around and then falling gently to sleep in the sill. I think if I could crawl up there and sleep I would as well.

The summer is coming to a close, soon the area will be filled with quietness as the children all go back to school and an eerie hush falls over the yards and streets. I will hear cars up and down taking children to school in the morning and then again in the afternoon.

Today, I am thankful to be standing there watching and feeling at peace. Knowing in my mind that in Arizona it is still 117, there are no times like these as the heat literally sucks the life out of people like taking the air out of a balloon.

Today, I am grateful for the things I have and will not worry about the things I do not have!

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