Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thank You Shawnee, Good-Bye Becky

We had a wonderfully amazing day yesterday in spite of hubbies torn Meniscus. He took us all to our local county fair but first he took us to lunch where 4 of us had BLT's and one had clam strips (guess which one John). It was cheaper to eat before the fair...though I am not sure so wise! No, no one puked, but my old tummy was churning!

We walked through all the animals & now the kids want a pig, a goat and a cow. But, they didn't like the thought that if you raise them, you will probably have to sell them for someone to eat or eat them yourselves.

We saw many people we haven't seen for awhile. Students I taught a few years ago have grown taller, matured a bit more and have less zits or more zits. Some walked past me and said hello, some walked past me and pretended they didn't know me and others walked past me and turned around and came back and said, 'I thought that was you Mrs. K!' It was a nice time.

The old contractor that helped us when we first moved here, we ran into him and of course we took his telephone number. This place needs a few repairs once I start working, get my hearing aids out of the way and determine if they will work and keep me. Whether we sell or rent it out, it needs some work!

Rides...hubby doesn't do rides anymore, but I did and after the third one, I decided while I may be a kid at heart, my stomach wasn't very happy, so I quit while I was ahead. Hubby stayed with the kids in the rides area and I went to check out the canning, flowers and quilts. I am so upset I forgot my camera!

This morning I was catching up on blogging and visits to other blogs when I discovered that Chrissy over at the Beez Kneez finally received the quilting planner I sent her. I love apron swaps and love Shawnee's Flirty Apron Swaps but when her Aloha swap came up, I just had to many things on my plate, so I opted out of this one.

However, I decided to help sponsor this one and gave away my quilting planner by Prym. I loved it, however, I have a planner I use all the time and I just found I never used it, so I allowed Shawnee the opportunity to pick a winner for it. I was more than happy to be a part of the apron swap this way.

Sadness today as Becky over at Becky's Carolina Journal an amazing blog that had some beautiful pictures and posts, announced a few days ago that she will no longer be blogging and over time is removing her pictures and posts. Becky is an amazing Christian and her posts, pictures and wisdom will be missed by myself and those that follow her! I wish her the best in her future endeavors.

Time to get ready for church! Be blessed!

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