Sunday, August 14, 2011

Childrens Art Work...Now Selling

I admit it! I have the most talented grandchildren ever. Seriously, my sons made things at school and my son Justin has learned to draw while he has been incarcerated, but these kids are amazing!!

Anyone who knows them knows the oldest always has a pad sketching stories and making things and she makes up her own jokes as well. Seriously, she won't get in the car without her pen and pad.

She made this Aztec mask with a variety of beans and I think it is amazing. She asked me the other day if I thought it would make a great project for the Art Walk and the fair next year. Would I?

I told her she could probably sell it for a decent price since I have seen some pretty strange art work sell for high prices. A childs scribbles, a grown up tossing paint on a canvas, I even saw poop being used as an art form and people were buying these things like they were gold (EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!).

She is considering listing it in my Zibbet shop and I am thinking maybe I should open them their own Zibbet shop, these kids are amazingly talented!

As I originally stated, she is not the only talented one in the family. Her younger sister loves to draw faces and eclectic pictures of women and girls and we are thinking of incorporating this picture into a quilt and maybe using some mixed medium for the next one like yard, jewelry, etc.

I just think this is the most amazing creative face of a diva I have ever seen. The hair, the eyes, it is so creative and amazing.

I think my creative friends like Kim and Melinda would agree these girls have some pretty extraordinary God given talents. I couldn't do either of these things.

I will have to do some investigating, but I really believe both of these could be worth some money in their savings account and the start of their art career or at least a savings account!

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