Thursday, September 8, 2011

Christmas Prayer Quilt..Peek

In a way, I guess you could call all the quilts I make prayer quilts because as I am cutting and stitching, I am praying for God to bless the person that will receive this quilt even though at the time, I do not know who the receiver will be.

I then pray where the Holy Spirit leads me. This one I prayed scripture over it in Acts 3:19 asking whomever receives this to be refreshed in spirit and body.

I also prayed Philippians 4:6-8 over this that whoever receives it will no longer be overcome by anxiety.

I used lots of left over Christmas fabric scraps and had a bit of a time with the piecing for this one for some reason.

What I love the best are the snowmen at the top and bottom and sides!

I hope to get better pictures later, when the binding is tacked on the back!

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Love Of Quilts said...

You are doing a great thing by blessing your quilts...and they are lovely quilts. Trish