Saturday, September 10, 2011


Today, I am in an odd mood, so please don't question my questions. They are more like curiosities.

1. If you live in a depressed area and you know the leaders are part of the problem...Why do you keep voting for the same people?

2. If you have to drive an hour or more to see a regular doctor because so many are leaving the area and you know the hospital is the reason...Why do you not probe and question to have the problem removed?

3. If you admire someones garden everyday as you walk or drive by and let others know how beautiful it is...why don't you ever take the time to stop and let the owner know?

4. If gay marriages are becoming legal and no one seems to care....why do they care if a man has more than one wife? (I am not talking about Warren Jeffs and his child abusing clan).

5. For that matter, if gay marriages are legal, why can't a woman have two husbands?

6. If global warming is so concerning...Why are consumers being made to purchase light bulbs that are only made in China and filled with Mercury (a hazardous chemical/element)?

7. If Warren Buffet really wants to help Bank of America....Why didn't he just take his billions and pay off as many homes as he could for homeowners which would not only help the bank, but help the homeowners and stimulate the economy?

8. Why is the banks, their CEO's can file bankruptcy, toss our economy into the tank...yet, people who went to college to earn a degree and can't find work any longer, can't file bankruptcy on their student loans?

9. If there are so many homeless families and so many vacant repo'd homes... why aren't the banks just renting them out for affordable rents instead of having them sit empty and become rat infested? This I think would be win/win for everyone.

10. If banks, major corporations can file bankruptcy and not be penalized with a bad credit rating...Why when we consumers miss one payment, we are immediately sent to the credit reporting agency and considered a bad risk? Why doesn't the government bail all of us out and stimulate the economy that way?

11. How is it the president thinks giving us an extra $1000 per year is going to stimulate the economy? I can't buy a daily gallon of milk or dozen eggs for that amount!

12. If the USPS is going bankrupt because everyone is doing on line bill paying, etc...Why can't we all bail them out by going back to using stamps and envelopes? Will it really take up that much time?

Feel free to add your own questions, but it is apparent to me we are now living in a society where anything goes, so why doesn't it?

What bothers me is that so many of us are willing to put our head into the sand and keep it there. I am NOT. However, I am only one person & while I do what I can, I am only one person.

Today, make a change. Write a letter to someone in charge and let them know you want them to change and what you want to see changed. It may help, it may not, but at least they will know someone cares. If we don't let our leaders know we care, they will continue to do as they are doing now...NOTHING!

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