Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Sisters Love

If you follow this blog then you will know several things about me and one is that I lost my beautiful Mommy last year to breast cancer. I know she would love to know that her children have become closer since her death, but that hasn't happened and that is okay.

We have been scattered to the winds for many years. Not one of us live in the same state or a state next to each other...CA, CO, TX & WA.

You will also recall that about a year ago, I made a pillow for my brother and it was made with a picture of him and my mom on the front and the back was an actual scarf that mom had worn.

I worried a bit because it was sent out so close to the first anniversary of her death that I didn't want him to have a heart attack.

Now, I felt the Lord was placing on my heart to complete a small lap quilt for my baby sister, so I put these fabrics together since I know she walks each year for mom and I added these two pictures to it.

This first one is of my mom, baby sister and mom's husband Gary and I used white glitter fabric paint that says: 'Momma's Baby Girl,' as she was the baby of the family. I centered this one in the quilt.

Then looking through old pictures I have, I added this one of my mom holding her cat Mickey and put on the picture, Mom 1942.

I am hoping today to add the outer border, batting and the back. Once it is complete, I am making her a pillow as well only this one will have Pink Ribbon fabric on one side and a beautiful floral scarf that belonged to mom on the back.

Then in the mail it goes with a card and a prayer that she will accept this with my love. It isn't meant to hurt her or bring us closer, it is just a sisters way of saying I hope this makes you feel closer to mom!


bettyp said...

Thats so sweet of you to do that!! I lost mine more than 20 years and I dream of her all the time ! I am sure they will love the gifts !

Jessica said...

What wonderful creations. Making things for people that remind them of those who passed away is hard but definitely worthwhile. I hope your sister likes it.

Love Of Quilts said...

So sweet of you. Trish

~Niki~ said...

that is beautiful~and such a great purpose.
you know, i am not close with ANY of my family. my mom, my dad, my sis, none of them. lately I've been kind of singled out as 'the bad one' and I know I am right. That sounds bad I guess. But I have always kinda been the non-chosen one by my parents eyes. My sister is very needy and due to this, she gets everything. in fact, she is now living with my dad (again) with her son. anywho, I am not sure why families are like this. My mom lives in WA as well now. She is moving down to AZ soon after her house sells. I'm not looking forward to that, really. I would love to be in NY by my husband's parents. They are a closer family. In a few years I have choices. Right now, I sit and pray. Just know you are now alone xoxo

Melinda Cornish said...

it is wonderful Jean! I love the pink....