Saturday, October 22, 2011

More Blessings

You know how you always hear the saying,' Good Things Come to Those Who Wait, Someday your ship will come in, You help so many, you will be blessed someday?' Well, I am not only blessed in having an amazing husband & best friend taking care of me while I work...I have the most amazing blog friends!

You saw the blessing Dayna gave me with an AccuQuilt? Well, I opened a box from my blog friend Patti yesterday...well, even the pictures don't do this box stuffed full, justice. I am still looking at everything.

A cup cozy with a quilt saying on it, 2 nail files with sewing and quilt graphics, the little pill box has quilting and an old fashioned lady on it and the black box with glitter guitar (my granddaughter snatched so quick, I had to chase her down to look at it), it an acutal tap measure. Oh, did I mention the quilting pattern books?

Silly Me!

Then there were tons of little pattern packages...A quilting guild pin which I quickly attached to my work lanyard...a little ceramic pink and white quilted bear...a mug...snaps, self covering buttons...still digging through it all.

So, now I can use the AccuQuilt Dayna sent me and the fabric Patti sent me and continue to bless others.

Wow! My friends are amazing...Thank you all!

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