Saturday, October 22, 2011

My AccuQuilt

So, ignore the fact I am sitting in my jammies, just focus on the wonderful blessing that my bloggie friend Dayna sent AccuQuilt Go Baby.

Today was the first time I even got to hold it, so I made my granddaughter snap a quick picture, I am so excited & will probably open it next week.

Yeah, I know most of you couln't stand the suspense, however, on the week-ends I get to come home, I have so much to do, I don't get a chance to quilt, so I will wait!

Dayna, however, didn't stop there, she blessed with this amazing tumbler die to go with it!

While I have no place or time to quilt during my training right now, I am working on a very small needle point project, but haven't finished it yet.

I can't wait to use my new Go Baby & this just gives me more incentive to get rid of some of the old fabric I have had in my stash and buy some new.

Wow! I want to quilt, I want to cut, I want to order more due time I know I will get this take care of!

I am so blessed to have Dayna in my life, she has not only been a blessing in this way, she encourages me, she prays for me and she keeps me grounded in my faith. All the while going through her own personal things & you wouldn't know it!

Thanks Dayna! when is the next sale at the fabric shop?


Dayna said...

enjoy your weekend with the family.

Love Of Quilts said...

Wow! What a sweet woman. Trish

Michelle said...

Those cutters are so much fun -- you're going to love it. Have fun with your new toy!