Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fabric Nirvana

I went down to the basement last night and just looked at the fabric I want to use in the giveaway and while in the process found some nice pieces to place in my Zibbet shop. When I say nice pieces many of them were at least a yard and a half and 52" in width.

Then I decided on the pieces I will list later today to giveaway and walked over to my feeling neglected cutting table and began piecing together the quilt pieces that have been sitting there the last 9 weeks.

I felt peaceful. As I touched the pieces and prayed over them, I knew the recipient would enjoy this when it was all finished. I also know that during this difficult time for me mentally, I would go down to the basement and find a way to keep my mind busy.

Then, I went to all church prayer and was greeted by so many with smiles and hugs and they are truly so happy I am home, how can I not believe God has something great planned for me.

Fabric, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, just Nirvana!

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Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

God opens his arms and welcomes us home whenever we decide it is time. Glad the fabric and your quilting are your comfort zone, your getaway, your NIRVANA. I am good at buying stuff to start a quilt and not doing it. hahaha I have the fabrics and patterns for 3quilts and haven't started a bit. I just need to set up my sewing machine in front of the TV and get sewing. hahaha