Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holiday Giveaway - Ends November 30th

Lets get this holiday party started with a Quilting Ranny giveaway. **Sorry, but the above quilt is not part of the giveaway...I gave it to my trainer Donna Kelley who was amazing!**

Lets start with the rules first and if they are not followed, you cannot win.

1- You must leave an Email or blog address in your comments so if you are the winner, I can contact you. If your comments show up as a no reply or anonymous, they will be toss out. To much time spent tracking anonymous people down.

2- There is one entry for each of the following: leaving a comment; posting on twitter or facebook. ***You can leave one comment a day on any post from today forward.**

3- Become a follower for 5 additional entries (if you are already a follower, I so appreciate you, but please do not stop following & then re-follow for the points...not fair to new followers & it isn't honest).

4-Blog about this on your blog and tell others: 5 entries for a blog post and 3 additional entries for someone mentioning they saw the giveaway on your blog for both of you. Send me the link to your post.

5-Follow me on Facebook @Jean Kester or Twitter @compassionquilt and let me know you did and you get 1 more entry.

Open internationally though I cannot guarantee delivery.

Starts now and ends at 11:30 PM MST on November 30th. Results and winners will be notified on December 1st and you have 48 hours to respond back to me or I will choose the next person in line. If you are going to be out of town, let me know and I will extend your response time.

First prize is a yard of this beautiful red and white Mary Englebreit Baskets of Flowers by Moda fabric and a Christmas Door Cover of a blue and white Christmas tree. **Winner is Ohio Outdoors**

Second prize are these 2 awesome quilting books: Irish Chain in A Day & Happy Endings all about making Irish Chain quilts and how to bind your quilts.
**Winner is Kathy**

Third prize are these 2 adorable decorate paper Christmas gift bags with handles. I just love Snowmen and they make me smile!
**Winner is Nannette G**

Forth but not last is this Design a Sweatshirt booklet with instructions and pattern designs on how to make a plain sweatshirt look pretty super! **Winner is Carrie at Farming on Faith**

As always, there will be hidden prizes for several lucky participants. If you are follower #275 or #300, you will get a thank you prize of my choosing.
*Stray Stitches wins a quilting pattern for sending the most people to visit**
*Busy as Can Be wins a fat quarter*
*Catskill Quilter wins a fat quarter*

There will also be several random winners at my choosing.

What are you waiting for? Post and leave comments!


Farming On Faith said...

Oh how fun~ count me in!

karen said...

Wow, sweet lady in Washington - how good it is to see you today.. I have missed you on Facebook, so now, if you are back there , I will try to find you, and add you.. Your giving heart is so special, thanks for all you are doing here on your blogsite.
I have a new blog, though it is nothing like the old one.. I do mostly book reviews, and recipes, and quilt photos, though I post other things coccasionally. You can find me at or my email here
You have been missed, and I have thought of you many times over the year..

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

That's really nice fabric. Thanks for the chance to win.

Patty said...

I am already a follower and enjoy reading your blog.

Gwen said...

Such wonderful prizes!!! Thank you so much for this fun giveaway!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Jean, I received an invitation to join you on Facebook, but for some reason I can't find you. My profile reads Judy Robbins Domec and if you friend me there I will surely accept. I don't know why I can't pull you up. This is a lovely giveaway. I hope lots of people join in. I shared it on Facebook and will likely manage a blog post before it ends. I'll let you know. :) oxo Judy

Melinda Cornish said...

count me in!

WvHmmngbrd said...

What a great, fun giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

Stray Stitches said...

I included your giveaway in my blog today:

Kathy said...

I am a new follower. Linda from Stray Stitches sent me! Thanks for the giveaway!
Shahann at yahoo dot com.

Kathy said...

I tweeted about your giveaway as KShahann today.
Shahann at yahoo dot com.

Kathy said...

I am now following you on Twitter as KShahann. Shahann at yahoo dot com.

Kathy said...

I blogged about your giveaway today at:

Shahann at yahoo dot com.

Carla G said...

What a great giveaway! These prizes look wonderful! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

bcgeates at netbistro dot com

Marcia W. said...

Thanks for the lovely giveaway. It is a Celebration! It's fine to take on your cause firmly and politely! Some homeowners associations are good, and some are difficult depending on the board.

Janet said...

Thanks for a chance at your giveaway. Lovely items!

jqluo said...

I'm a new follower!! Count me in!

hueisei said...

Im a new follower. Stray Stitches sent me here. Thanks for the giveaway!

hueisei said...

I follow you on twitter via profile @hueisei

hueisei said...

I tweeted the news -

Nanbon44 said...

I have been a follower
and I would love to win

arlette said...

Hello Jean!!!!!, of course I'd love to take part in this, as I'm still on time :). I'm already your follower and I'm your friend in facebook :), thank you so much for sharing and the wonderful gifties!!!!